Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis

Primavera P6 Risk Analysis Software

Make informed decisions right from the first stage of project conception.

Perform go/no-go analysis before placing the bid. Use probabilistic branching and probabilistic tasks to model uncertain or unlikely events within your project. Reduce the risk of your projects by choosing the schedule with the highest probability of success.

Continue to use Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis throughout the lifetime of your project. As progress is reported and resource availability changes, Primavera Risk Analysis can assess the impact on the remainder of your project schedule. With a more informed perspective of the risks involved you will make better decisions and even refine your initial strategy.

Despite the volatile economy and ongoing battle with productivity and efficiency, Engineering and Construction organizations can streamline operations and improve execution through:

  • Proactive project management
  • Improved risk management
  • Increased process automation


  • Determine confidence levels, P-schedules and quick determination of contingency with the histogram/distribution chart.
  • Identify key risk drivers with the tornado chart.
  • Analyze ‘what if’ scenarios on cost and schedule changes with the interactive scatter plot.
  • Compare scenarios and determine the cost/benefit ratio of selected mitigation plans through the distribution analyzer.
  • Critical forecasting, long term budgeting, and EVMS reporting is reported through the probabilistic cash flow.

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