Hard Dollar Training Overview

Essentials of Project Modeling and Estimating, Class E101

The E101 beginning class is designed to give the user the fundamentals of HD relating to estimating. You will learn the basic process of putting an estimate together, with the objective of being able to create your own. On day two you will estimate an actual project. We cover the core concepts of how HD is designed, and how the user interface (navigation) works. We will also discuss Resource/Assembly development, the BidWizard process, copy/paste functions, and reports. Finally, you will get a preview of the Quote process, Scheduling and Excel capabilities.

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Advanced Project Modeling and Estimating, Class E201

The E201 advanced class is designed to build on the foundation learned in the E101 course. The objective is to take user productivity to the next level through tips, tricks and best practices. This course also includes useful information that will cover different ways to become more productive.

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Essentials of HD Performance HD P101

This two day course covers the essentials of tracking project progress in HD, including the following:

  • Compare field resources to planned, identifying where crews can be modified to save time and money
  • See where you’re making or losing money on your project as a whole
  • Quickly call out work items where you are spending more than you planned
  • Have time to forecast where your activity costs and hours will end up prior to completion
  • Get changes documented and approved so you can get paid
  • Keep track of how much revenue you earned and billed to maximize income

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