Nu Solutions is a full-service project management & technology company specializing in the integration and implementation of the industry’s best and most advanced project management technology.

Supporting companies and job sites around the world, our solutions are designed to meet the individual needs of your organization. As a technology company, we are proud to be partners with Oracle Primavera, Tableau, and Amazon AWS to help you identify, evaluate risk, and make better decisions to achieve success.

Cloud Hosting

Our advanced hosting hardware infrastructure allows your team to efficiently run their organizational software tools without dedicated IT resources.

Host Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM for as little as $50 per user, per month.


Nu Solutions has a long history of providing Critical Path Method schedules that are cost and resource loaded which comply with the best business practices of the industry.

Custom Integration Technology

Our customized integration technology, Atlas, connects the right systems giving you a holistic view of your projects to help you and your team plan and know what to do next with confidence.

Our Project Management & Technology Offerings

Our system analysis, implementation, integration, training, and hosting Software as a Service (SaaS) support services are designed to positively impact your portfolio and project management initiatives. Specializing in scheduling, estimating, project controls, reporting analytics, and analysis, we are your partner to help complete projects on time, and within budget.

We support project management operations by using real-world experience and best practices to reduce the time and resources it takes to implement new crucial processes and systems. We build schedules and create workflows to streamline your existing processes and integrate new processes to improve the efficiency of your projects.



  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Power & Energy
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Government

Our Advantages

Our partnerships assure that our clients will obtain the highest level of technical competence, as well as access to Oracle Primavera’s application-based resources. We can provide a collaborative solution that benefits all facets of your organization. Learn more »

Our Standards

We pride ourselves in providing a solution that fits the unique needs of our clients, using the highest quality standards and functionality.

Our Capabilities

We offer business solutions; not just a software solution. Providing business process analysis, implementation, training, and support services customized for your organization is our specialty. Learn more »

Together, We’ll Succeed

We are here to accelerate your transformation and provide value at every stage of your project. By making business management solutions a core focus of your success, we will improve your organization’s productivity, increase collaboration, lower overhead, and reduce risk to make you more competitive.

Contact Nu Solutions Consulting today to team with the best project management & technology company that will provided customized solutions to ensure your project’s success.