An XER File Reader to View Primavera P6 XER Schedules

ScheduleReader™ is a software solution that dynamically presents project data from XER, XML and XLS schedules, exported from the Oracle Primavera P6 software, which users can easily filter, organize and share with different project stakeholders.

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More Sophisticated Way of Viewing and Communicating Schedule Information

What is it?

ScheduleReader™ is a standalone software solution that dynamically presents project data from XER, XML and XLS schedules exported from the Oracle Primavera P6 application, which users can easily filter, organize and share with project stakeholders. 

As an independently developed tool, it works with project files without connecting to any database, and can open any large project plans in just a few seconds.

Who can use it?

From non schedulers who only wish to review a schedule, to schedulers and project professionals who need quick access to schedule data, reports and analysis.

ScheduleReader is used by all project members who now view project data in PDF.

Why consider it?

Provides fast, interactive overview of project data.

Improves project communication and coordination between teams.

Available in Standard or Pro

ScheduleReader™ Standard

The Standard version gives user a dynamic view only access to XER and XML schedule data.

The software allows users to analyze and keep track of projects progress, and even offers a two way-collaboration channel through the Progress Update feature for project field members to communicate status updates to schedulers who can use it to keep the schedule updated at all times.

Through its many interactive views, filters, and other carefully selected features, ScheduleReader™ offers a superior alternative to communicate project data, as opposed to distributing it in a static PDF file format.

ScheduleReader™ PRO

More Than Just XER Reader,
Meet ScheduleReader PRO

  •  Check schedule health and logic with a DCMA 14 Assessment Report
  •  Create rich visual Graphical Reports to analyze and communicate key project data
  •  Visualize linear projects on a single page with Time-Location charts in Linear Scheduling View

Case Studies

See how ScheduleReader™ is helping companies to manage and control their projects by providing well formatted insights of project data exported from Oracle Primavera P6.

OMV – Austrian Integrated Oil & Gas Company

See how planning consultant is using ScheduleReader™ to review the DCMA 14 point assessment at OMV Austria.

PCPM Construction Management

ScheduleReader™ helped PCPM Construction Management to simplify review process of complex projects for stakeholders and other project participants.

Ovivo – Worldwide Experts in Water Treatment

ScheduleReader™ is helping project managers at Ovivo to keep track of project progress on a daily basis.

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