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Oracle Primavera, Aconex, Tableau, Safran Risk, Autovue & Synchro

Nu Solutions specializes in enterprise software solutions that are designed to enhance the direction and productivity of your projects. This means providing technology solutions that cover core project management processes such as project planning, resource allocation, and change management. By utilizing software that includes Oracle Primavera, Aconex, Tableau, Autovue & Synchro we can provide your organization with enhanced tools, technology, and software integrations that eliminate weak links and drive your projects forward.

Whether your team is together locally or working remotely around the world, our enterprise software solutions can keep your team aligned and aware of crucial project milestones. Our solutions enable teams to visualize shared workflows, assign and complete tasks, and collectively deliver quality work from the initial scope of work to final project completion. With enterprise software solutions in place, your team can focus on providing value to your customers and growing your brand.

Why We Are a Leader in Enterprise Software Solutions

Utilizing technology and software solutions is essential to delivering better value for your customers, and Nu Solutions is committed to optimizing our enterprise software solutions to help your teams deliver that value.

We provide business solutions that are collaborative in nature and aid in the positive growth of your organization. Our experience delivering results for our customers has enabled us to grow our service offering and develop new ways to increase productivity and collaboration within your business.

Contact us today to access unparalleled enterprise software solutions and gain a strategic advantage over your competition.

Oracle Primavera

Oracle Primavera

Primavera’s PPM products, together with Oracle’s project financials, human resources, supply chain management, product lifecycle management, business intelligence, and infrastructure software are expected to provide the first, comprehensive Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution.

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Unite your people and your data with Tableau.

Realize the power of self-service with an analytics platform that puts data in the right hands. Rely on secure and governed analytics built for scale. When your teams engage more deeply with data, you build a culture of analytics—one with the potential to transform your business.

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Seavus Products

Project Viewer: The leading Project Viewer to open Microsoft® Project MPP files.

Schedule Cleaner: Remove or Anonymize Sensitive Data From XER & XML Schedules.

Schedule Reader: Software to View Primavera P6 XER Schedules