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Custom Database Consolidation

Nu Solutions is an enterprise solutions company that helps organizations create higher standards for database consolidation. We provide a proprietary custom database solution for large organizations that are experiencing the challenges of siloed databases.

To be more efficient and effective, Nu Solutions offers customized utility solutions to help consolidate multiple databases of each division and department within an organization to provide greater information sharing efficiency and departmental cohesion.


TenzigChevroil had multiple databases across various locations and departments, leading to frequent problems with interdepartmental information sharing.


Nu Solutions Database Migration Utility uses custom database development to compare data across multiple environments and consolidates like codes, calendars, and user-defined fields to maintain data integrity


Custom database consolidation significantly reduces staff-hours consumed by manual project data migration. It can provide a notable reduction in duplications and outdated codes for data clean up. Consolidating project data allowed for program level planning and visibility for key management decisions.


Nu Solutions Utility provided TengizCheveroil with custom database development to consolidate multiple databases. We were able to cut TengizCheveroil’s estimate to complete the project to a fraction of the time compared to other solutions. We reduced five environments into one in less than 6 months for an integrated plan. This led to the success of a significant project that would have taken much longer and cost much more money without Nu Solutions.

Nu Solutions is prepared to tackle your custom database development project, no matter how complex. After you consolidate multiple databases, you will immediately experience the benefits of enhanced workflow, streamlined processes, improved analytics, and much more.

We are certified experts with experience across multiple industries to deliver the right solutions for your business. Contact Nu Solutions today to discuss how our custom utility solutions will help you reach your goals and achieve project success.

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