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As a world-class provider of asset management software, Nu Solutions Consulting is raising the bar for system analysis, implementation, integration, training, and hosting Software as a Service (SaaS) support services. With InforEAM integration, your business can set the sight and enhance control over your resource and asset management processes.


For Chevron, asset management in the Gulf of Mexico was separate from capital project planning. Outdated and siloed processes caused significant delays with material procurement, shipping logistics, asset management, and resource planning.


Using Nu Solutions Custom InforEAM integration, we streamlined Chevron’s operations by transitioning them to Oracle’s Primavera P6 to schedule project activities with resource management.


We helped Chevron modernize their systems and increased resource planning efficiency. With advanced risk analysis, portfolio management, and business intelligence enterprise solutions, Primavera P6, we helped ensure that materials would be available onsite and on-time. Most importantly, this guaranteed adherence to safety regulations by not exceeding the restrictions of people on board (POB).


Nu Solutions utilized our experience and knowledge with InforEAM integration to provide the best asset management software & integration solutions to ensure Chevron Gulf Of Mexico’s success.

At Nu Solutions, we specialize in scheduling, estimating, project controls, reporting analytics, and analysis. Our proactive approach is to build schedules from the start and move forward through each stage. While some companies take the opposite direction and work backward from the goal, we believe that moving back equates to time and energy lost.

We guarantee seamless integrations for the modernization of existing processes. To discover how InforEAM integration will save your business time and labor, contact Nu Solutions today. We will discuss your current processes to identify pain points, bottlenecking issues, and find custom solutions to improve your bottom line in a fraction of the time.

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