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Unite your people and your data

Realize the power of self-service with an analytics platform that puts data in the right hands. Rely on secure and governed analytics built for scale. When your teams engage more deeply with data, you build a culture of analytics—one with the potential to transform your business.

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Tableau Online

Enterprise-scale analytics in the cloud

Share analytics without the need to manage servers with Tableau Online. Get started in minutes and easily publish data and dashboards across your organization or externally to clients. With Tableau Online, your analytics are securely hosted in the cloud—accessible to the right people from anywhere, at any time. Add users with a few clicks and scale your site to fit your business. Interact with content from any browser or Tableau Mobile. Tableau Online makes collaborating with data and sharing analytics faster and easier than ever before.

Tableau Prep

Faster, easier data prep

Prep your data for analysis the Tableau way with Tableau Prep. We are taking the frustration and tedium out of manual data prep processes and helping customers get their data ready for analysis faster. Tableau Prep’s visual and direct experience gives you a deeper understanding of your data while smart features turn time consuming, repetitive steps into fast and simple fixes. And it’s integrated into the rest of the Tableau workflow so you can move right into analysis—or back to prep smoothly, at any time.

Tableau Server

Get the right data to the right people

Extend the value of data across your organization with Tableau Server. Provide everyone with governed access to data, reports, and dashboards. Manage content, define access for individual users and groups, and ensure accurate insights. Access it all from any browser, with Tableau Mobile, or even embed your analytics in another application. With Tableau Server, you’ll be confident your entire organization is making decisions from trusted and secure data.

Tableau Desktop

Works the way you think

Get results fast with intuitive business analytics from Tableau Desktop. Connect directly to your data wherever it may be— from spreadsheets to the public cloud—and then dive in. Tableau unlocks your natural ability to process data visually, so you can spot trends and outliers. Explore infinite perspectives on your data. Leave chart builders behind with powerful analytics that drive change in your business.

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Tableau Primavera P6 EPPM Template


Contains Resource Monitor, Resource Usage, Project Gantt, Critical Path, Units Forecast, Units S Curve, Financial Forecast and Financial S Curve.

The Tableau Platform

From connection through collaboration, Tableau is the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for your data.

Tableau your data. Watch your expectations get blown away.

Designed for the individual,
scaled for the enterprise.

When it comes to elevating people with the power of data, only Tableau combines a laser focus on how people see and understand data with the kind of robust, scalable platform you need to run even the world’s largest organizations. Learn more about how the Tableau platform helps you turn your data into insights that drive action—while making your IT team happy, too.


On-Premises or Public Cloud

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