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Managed Hosting Services

Our advanced hosting hardware infrastructure allows your team to efficiently run their organizational software tools without dedicated IT resources.

Managed hosting companies have the ability to offer organizations the tools necessary to optimize their internal resources. Whether shared, dedicated, US Government FedRAMP compliant, cloud services, or reseller hosting, managed hosting provides a place for your applications and data to live on the internet.

Nu Solutions uses advanced Software as a Solution (Saas) hosting hardware infrastructure to help you run your organizational software tools without the need for dedicated IT resources. We will support your organization with a full suite of IT hosted services deployed from one of our global data centers and delivered by an experienced, technical, and results-driven team.

Our specialists, including Oracle Primavera Certified Trainers and Consultants, manage all hardware, software, and version upgrades in an effort to optimize the performance and protection of your organization’s hosted data and provide you with the IT hosted services support that you need to grow your site successfully.

Nu Solutions Managed Hosting

Nu Solutions leverages the Amazon EC2 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) combined with our managed hosting to deliver a Software as a Service (SaaS) that makes for a unique, flexible, and competitive alternative.

We are a certified member of the AWS hosted partners network and provide managed SaaS hosting designed to help organizations implement and manage their AWS cloud deployment. Amazon Web Services conducts extensive third-party validation audits that determine this designation, and Nu Solutions has proven that we are able to offer the support necessary to plan, design, build, migrate, run, operate, and optimize your organization’s cloud infrastructure with unparalleled managed hosting services. These services include: 

  • Installation and maintenance of database and application server environments that support the deployment of organizational project portfolio management solutions
  • Optimization of performance, reduction of server downtime, restoration, and recovery of hosted data, as well as the protection of applications from security breaches such as viruses, malware, and hacking attempts
  • Hardware, software, and version upgrades that eliminate the need to install new infrastructure to handle patches
  • Turnkey solutions made possible with EPPM solution design, configuration, and deployment services 

Nu Solutions offers a cost-effective SaaS hosting solution that places us ahead of other managed hosting companies. When you’re ready to receive the benefit of working with an AWS partner network company, contact us today and let Nu Solutions take your organization’s SaaS hosting into the future.

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