Oracle Autovue Professional

Autovue 3D Professional Advanced

Designed to meet all documentation visualization requirements.

Oracle’s AutoVue solutions are designed to meet all of an organization’s document visualization requirements. They can serve as the window for visualization across all enterprise applications and can even meet the basic viewing needs of individual desktops. By enabling users to view, print, and collaborate on any digital information asset from any system, organizations can achieve true enterprise visualization and ensure the success of their projects.

AutoVue enterprise visualization helps bring products to market faster, enables better business decision-making, and increases revenue and profitability.

Whether it’s a simple PDF file or a complex CAD drawing, the need to share information is crucial to all industries, particularly product and asset-intensive industries. Enterprise engineering and asset information is typically only accessible by core engineering groups. However, it is required by the rest of an organization to effectively and securely perform operations, such as maintenance and repairs, project planning and execution, and change management. By delivering a framework that enables asset and product information to flow freely throughout the enterprise, AutoVue allows users to capitalize on existing information assets contained within all enterprise systems, vastly improving business processes and workforce productivity.

The Web version of AutoVue products can be integrated into existing content management, product lifecycle management, or enterprise resource planning systems, as well as file servers or home-grown solutions. Integrated with existing enterprise systems, AutoVue connects information, people and processes, delivering anytime, anywhere access to vital information and maximizing business process efficiency.


Enhance Capital Projects and Optimize Asset Performance and Reliability in Oil and Gas with AutoVue Enterprise Visualization and Augmented Business Visualization.

Rising exploration and production costs, aging infrastructures, and a shrinking skilled workforce are just some of the challenges facing oil and gas companies today. 

With these challenges comes the need to better collaborate and share information across the value chain to reduce risks, costs and drive higher return on assets, while complying with growing regulatory and reporting requirements. Oil & Gas companies can benefit from solutions that provide teams with greater visibility into engineering and asset information, driving operational efficiency, increasing accountability and optimizing asset value.

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Features and Enhancements

  • Work Offline mode
  • 3D Walkthrough
  • Performance improvements for large MCAD & 3D AEC files
  • Web Services Based
  • Integration SDK
  • Align & scale drawings in 2D & EDA compare
  • Usage tracking for systems administrators
  • Enhanced 3D measurements & 3D section plane
  • Improved fidelity and extended format support for MCAD, 2D CAD & EDA files

Key Benefits

  • Extend document visualization and collaboration to offline users
  • Scale visualization from desktops to the enterprise
  • Efficiently collaborate on all digital assets
  • Boost the value of existing enterprise systems
  • Improve business processes
  • Enhance capital projects and facilities operations with 3D Walkthrough