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Hard Dollar Software Solutions

Keep Budgets and Schedules In-Sync

Keeping detailed budgets and schedules in-sync would be easy if your projects never changed. HD’s real-time integration with Microsoft® Project or Primavera® allows you to make changes one time and simultaneously update the budget and schedule. No more copying and pasting, no more importing and exporting.

  • Create cost and resource-loaded schedules* in record time.
  • Easily keep the work plan, budget, and schedule in-sync when things change, such as project scope, item quantities, shift arrangements, and more.
  • Maintain tasks in the estimate that do not appear in the schedule.
  • Maintain tasks in the schedule that are not synchronized with the estimate*.
  • Run “what if?” scenarios across the budget and schedule to easily evaluate the impact of alternative resources, shift arrangements, production rates, and more.
  • Streamline analysis of cash flow, earned value, and resource utilization with flexible, built-in tools and graphical output.
  • With HD and Microsoft® Project or Primavera® working together in realtime you’ll cut valuable time out of the process, and have instant answers to the toughest “what if?” questions that come your way.

Create Cost-Loaded Schedules in Record Time

  • Create HD projects from existing schedules*.
  • Automatically load cost items (activities), estimated durations, and costs from HD projects into the schedule.
  • Select which cost items from the HD project to include as activities in the schedule.
  • Roll-up multiple cost items from the HD project into single activities in the schedule.
  • Drive schedule durations from estimated durations in HD, including productivity-based durations.

What’s New in HD Version 17

HD version 17 is packed with user-requested features to help you create more accurate estimates and better manage project costs. Cost Item Assemblies enable users to create a library of intelligent, variable-driven “assemblies” that prompt users for dimensional and/or specification inputs to quickly and easily produce a fully quantified and resource loaded collection of Cost Items. Other notable enhancements are the ability to use zero as a quantity, easily see the reason a Cost Item is suspended, more effectively manage quotes and minority participation and model the Cash Flow of Fuel Costs.

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Highlighted features in HD version 17 include:

  • Cost Item Assemblies
  • Zero Quantity
  • Suspended Cost Items – Reason for Suspension
  • Quote Management Enhancements
  • Quickly access fuel consumption cost for your project
  • Archiving Jobs using SQL Script
  • Added User Defined Fields to Pay Items and Proposal Register
  • Increased Field Character limit when integrating with P6


Efficiently and effectively build a work plan, cost estimate, and budget for any size project by leveraging industry libraries and your company’s own benchmark data.

Work Planning (WP)
Backbone for the entire system that provides the Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS). Everything within the Hard Dollar solution is dependent upon this structure.

Estimate Comparison (EC/HA)
Facilitates side by side comparisons of previous projects and current estimates, including costs and durations.

Proposal Development (PD)
A complete bid closing and proposal development solution that helps you strategically price bid proposals to maximize profit, and submit professional bid proposals to meet customer requirements.

Quote Management (QM)
Comprehensive quote management solution that automates and streamlines the entire quote management process to help select the best combination of subcontractors and suppliers for every job.

Take Off & Analysis (TOA)
Enables Microsoft Excel Integration

Quickly build more accurate construction estimates by adding all the RSMeans industry databases, over 78,000 individual items and more than 5,800 assemblies


HD Project Performance brings together all project-related systems to provide owners, EPCMs, and contractors to provide current project performance details, while there is still time to take corrective actions to keep projects on time and within budget.

Job Tracking (JT) / Cost Tracking
Powerful job tracking functionality to monitor actual costs, productivity, man-hours, and equipment hours against the plan, and forecast costs at completion.

Change Management (CM)
Automatically monitors and logs changes that affect a job’s cost / price, and instantly calculates their impact on the project.

Pay Requests & Approvals (PR)
Automates the calculation of earned revenue and billable amounts based on % complete status and/or expenses.

Take Off & Analysis (TOA)
Enables Microsoft Excel Integration. Provided if no Estimating licenses exist.

Work Planning (WP)
Backbone for the entire system that provides the Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS). Everything within the Hard Dollar solution is dependent upon this structure. Provided if no Estimating licenses exist.


Consulting, training, and support options to help you be more successful with Hard Dollar solutions

Technical Readiness Assessment
Prior to deploying the software, our Technical Services team will evaluate your company’s existing hardware and software infrastructure and provide any recommendations for the best use of Hard Dollar solutions.

Software Installation & Configuration
We install and configure Hard Dollar software properly the first time, every time. Your systems of record (e.g., Primavera, Microsoft Project, AboutTime, etc.) are integrated correctly for maximum reporting efficiency.

Core Team Education & Configuration
One of the most significant success factors in any implementation is the commitment and empowerment of what we call the customer’s “core team.”

Integration & Custom Report Creation
More and more, Hard Dollar solutions are being implemented throughout an enterprise alongside other mission-critical systems, including ERP and financial packages.

Deployment & Rollout
There’s no “one size fits all” approach to deploying Hard Dollar solutions. Based on each client’s individual needs and requirements, a “best practices” approach is defined and documented.

Regional Training
Classes are held throughout the US and Canada, and include two full days of classroom training. Each student has a dedicated computer for a hands-on learning experience.

Custom Onsite Training
Bring the instructor to your location as a cost-effective way to train groups. Offerings include new employee training, estimate reviews, and best practices reviews.

Data Flow Field Solution


Scheduling Connectivity
Hard Dollar solutions leverage the market’s only dynamic real-time bi-directional integration with the Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project scheduling systems.

Accounting Connectivity
Enables exporting budgets and payroll details into file formats that can be imported directly into leading 3rd-party accounting systems such as Viewpoint, Dexter + Chaney, Computer Guidance Corporation, and Timberline.

Benchmarking and Reporting Warehouse
Essentially two features in one:
Benchmarking: Exclusive benchmarking functionality enables estimating teams to leverage their own organisation’s detailed historical estimate and performance data to quickly create more accurate estimates.
Reporting: Enterprise reporting warehouse that is automatically populated with current data from selected projects, enabling on-the-fly analysis, aggregated reports, and web-based management dashboards.

Design / Takeoff Connectivity
Create more accurate estimates by transferring material quantities from On Center On-Screen Takeoff to HD Estimating

HD Norms Database
Includes STO Norms data while also facilitating integration of other norms data into the Hard Dollar software. The STO Norms database includes 1,000+ data points that help estimate work effort for shutdown, turnaround, and outage projects. It is organized in a hierarchy: Using a browser, users select the equipment to be worked on (piping, vessel), select what is being done (painting, washing, erecting), and then drill down to specific tasks to determine which resources needed and for how long.

SAP Integration Software
Hard Dollar integration software has received SAP certification as “Powered by SAP NetWeaver,” which means customers can deploy tight bi-directional integration that keeps Hard Dollar and SAP systems aligned throughout the project lifecycle. Given the customized nature of SAP deployments, additional services are required for installation and configuration.

Timesheet Warehouse + Timesheet Collectors
A full-featured electronic warehouse of timesheet data. It automates the collection and sharing of timesheet and work progress data from jobsites. Timesheet Collectors can be deployed to individual users, on desktops, on laptops, or on Windows Surface Pro tablets, to gather actual data directly from the field.

Richardson Estimating Standards (Available Separately)
Quickly and easily build more accurate construction estimates by leveraging the Richardson Cost Database in HD Estimating