Hard Dollar Scheduling Integration (Time) with MS Project or Primavera

Keep Budgets and Schedules In-Sync

Keeping detailed budgets and schedules in-sync would be easy if your projects never changed. HD’s real-time integration with Microsoft® Project or Primavera® allows you to make changes one time and simultaneously update the budget and schedule. No more copying and pasting, no more importing and exporting.

  • Create cost and resource-loaded schedules* in record time.
  • Easily keep the work plan, budget, and schedule in-sync when things change, such as project scope, item quantities, shift arrangements, and more.
  • Maintain tasks in the estimate that do not appear in the schedule.
  • Maintain tasks in the schedule that are not synchronized with the estimate*.
  • Run “what if?” scenarios across the budget and schedule to easily evaluate the impact of alternative resources, shift arrangements, production rates, and more.
  • Streamline analysis of cash flow, earned value, and resource utilization with flexible, built-in tools and graphical output.


The Scheduling module integrates the full power of Microsoft Project or Primavera with HD so you can make changes and simultaneously see the impact on the job’s cost and schedule.

  • Create project schedules quickly and easily
  • Keep HD and Microsoft® Project or Primavera® in-sync
  • Test real-world scenarios and see impacts instantly
  • Share information with your team in real-time

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With HD and Microsoft Project or Primavera working together in realtime you’ll cut valuable time out of the process, and have instant answers to the toughest “what if?” questions that come your way.

Hard Dollar Time Integration


Create Cost-Loaded Schedules in Record Time

  • Create HD projects from existing schedules*.
  • Automatically load cost items (activities), estimated durations, and costs from HD projects into the schedule.
  • Select which cost items from the HD project to include as activities in the schedule.
  • Roll-up multiple cost items from the HD project into single activities in the schedule.
  • Drive schedule durations from estimated durations in HD, including productivity-based durations

Keep the Work Plan, Budget, and Schedule In-Sync When Things Change

  • Take advantage of one-click, real-time synchronization between the HD project and the schedule (no import/export required).
  • Automatically update activity IDs, descriptions, durations, resources, and costs* when changes are made to the HD project.
  • Automatically update durations, start dates, and finish dates in the HD project when changes are made to the schedule.
  • Automatically launch the linked schedule from within a HD project with a single mouse click.
  • Control what information gets passed between HD and the schedule on a project by project basis*.

Run “What if?” Scenarios Across the Budget and Schedule

  • Perform “what if” analysis to simultaneously see the cost and timing impact of changes made to either the HD budget or the schedule.
  • Change production rates or crew configurations in the HD project and instantly see the resulting impact in the schedule.
  • Change shift arrangements in the HD project and instantly see the impact on the schedule.
  • Change quantities in the HD project and instantly see the impact on the schedule.
  • Make changes to durations in the schedule (e.g., drag bars to make them longer or shorter) and instantly determine the production rates required in the HD project to hit the new scheduled duration.

Streamline Analysis of Cash Flow, Earned Value, and Resource Utilization

  • Simplify earned value analysis and reporting using powerful tools in both Microsoft® Project or Primavera® and HD.
  • Produce detailed cash flow graphs with ability to control cost and revenue curves, finance expense, and payment timing.
  • Produce detailed resource utilization graphs showing resource usage and cost over time for individual resources or resource types.
  • Export cash flow and resource utilization data to Excel with a single mouse click.

Versions supported – Primavera: 5.0 – 6.2; Microsoft Project: 2002, 2003, 2007
* Supported in Primavera only.